I know that planet’s around here somewhere

Why don’t you just pull over?
I don’t like the look of this neighborhood.
I just don’t like the look of it.
Would it just kill you to ask for directions? We’re already late for the party as it is.
I think it’s just a little further in this direction.
That’s what you said as we passed the planet with the rings around it.
..and as we approached the gas giant with the huge red spot.
Let’s go a little further. Zorb said it’s past a red planet and then left after a blue one.
This isn’t even our solar system.
Let’s just swing around this star and we’ll slingshot back out where we came from.
Finally you’re listening to me.
We just need to be careful. Not every civilization is going to react kindly to a spaceship a half-mile long.
I listened to their radio transmissions. They know we’re a spaceship.
I doubt that.
They named us: Oumuamua.
Oh relax. The life forms on the blue planet think this is just a big asteroid.
One guy at something called Harvard Smithsonian Center thinks it is.
Who’s gonna believe one guy? Let’s circle the star and get out of here. Ignore the tumbling.

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